Graphic Designer Eilin Bergum


Pika Sign Language Interpreters
Pika Sign Language Interpreting Services provides interpreters in the throughout Denver, Colorado.

Pika Sign Language Interpreters

Scarlet Bliss
What do you desire? At Scarlet Bliss, we are dedicated to bringing fantasies to life.

Scarlet Bliss

  • Web Design
  • Construction
  • Micro Sites


  • Final Cut Pro
  • Motion
  • Aperture
  • Adobe After Effects

Related Capabilities

  • CSS
  • Incorporating Javascript
  • Adobe Photoshop

While I'm passionate about web design, in the other half of my life I live as a musician. My instrument of choice is the guitar, ranging from rock through to flamenco and classical. I also like to touch on photography as a hobby, so watch this space for my up coming gallery!

I'm currently teaching people how to use software as my day job, but will always have time for any freelance work you need.

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